Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico what will happen to the wildlife?

Mark Fraser is the host and executive producer of "Nature Walks with Mark Fraser"

The massive Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico is quickly becoming the worst of its kind and soon to wreak havoc on the sensitive Louisianan coastline wetland habitats and species.  Pay close attention to the news reports, because you can bet special interest groups will start telling you “It’s not that bad” and that “it’s too soon to speculate”. Well let’s see, 5,000 barrels of Oil a day dumping into the Ocean – let’s face it, that’s terrible no matter how they try to spin it. This is another prime example of why fossil fuels should become just that, “fossils”, and scientists around the world should work vigorously in developing greener and renewable energy.

What about the wildlife?

Soon we will undoubtedly begin to see the heartbreaking images of countless species who pay the ultimate price for our hunger for fossil fuels. Marine and bird life covered in the viscous sticky oil will be in a dire life threatening situations and no doubt thousands will perish from this horrible man made disaster.

In the future we will be again be asking the questions “Why” and “How could this happen”?  Just like we did after the massive Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska, and yet here we are yet again. Wetlands are some of the most important habitats there are. Many species use brackish water estuaries for a safe place to have their babies. Even people who do not seem to care about wildlife at all and only think of the business side of life still admit the economic implications of wiping out a massive fishery. Some time today (Friday April 30th 2010) it’s believed that this slow moving massive slick will reach the coastline. The species that live in the region are in very big trouble. What will “their” world look like from below when the waters surface is covered in the thick black oily film?

Some day we will finally be free of this dependency on fossil fuels. I wonder what people in the future will think about the choices we made. What will they think about statements like “Drill baby drill?” Ironically in the past few weeks the current administration just approved more offshore rigs.

We need to make companies directly responsible for their actions and accountable for their mistakes. A multi million dollar fine for a company making billions does not cut it. We need change, “actual” change, not just someone telling us what we want to hear. Those animals out there don’t have a voice of their own unless you and I give them one, and as we are about to find out, they very much need one…

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